My Handmade Canvas Part 1

The process for creating my canvas is pretty involved so I thought it deserved a post all its own or 3 🙂 –

Part 1 – The History

Several years ago I was developing some creative projects for my high school studio art class. I wanted something fun and engaging as they were learning to develop their composition skills. My studio art class was all about introducing my students to using a variety of materials and to think outside the box.

It was then I stumbled upon a project that used plastic as the medium. Plastic as in colored plastic from packaging or shopping bags and the like. The students created with the colored plastic findings and assembled their work between self laminating sheets – it was cool.

Learning about the statistics of plastic bags in landfills? Not so cool. Truly, I don’t consider myself an environmentalist, but I do want to be a good steward of the resources God has provided within this planet. I had no idea that only about 1% of plastic grocery bags are brought back by consumers for recycling. I also had no idea that it takes 500+ years for plastic grocery bags to break down in a landfill.

I thought about all the bags that were crammed into (and spilling over) that little plastic bag container in the laundry room – it was a lot of plastic bags. And that was just at that given time, in my house multiply that by…never mind, its too many!

So began by creative journey with plastic grocery bags.

Stay tuned for Part 2; The Fusion of Ideas

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