My Handmade Canvas Part 3

More Than Just A Canvas

I did indeed get that plastic ‘stretched’ over a wood frame. There was some trial and error. There were adjustments and solve-fors and as I continued to work at it, I started to understand a deeper meaning behind my handmade canvas.

I take the plastic bag and make something all together new with it. I work with it, I shape it and stretch it, give it a foundation. Then I prepare it to become something that didn’t exist before.  Completely transformed into something new.

The marking and texture of each individual canvas is unique, no two are ever alike nor can they be if I tried. That uniqueness and individuality is precious and special and becomes part of the piece. Each mark, crease and wrinkle – every ‘flaw’ is invited into the work.

That was the real discovery – that gave me my why.

It isn’t just about recycling, or being green. It isn’t strictly about stewardship, though I do believe it’s important.

It’s about the significance of transformation, how we all need it, and where lasting and beautiful transformation comes from.

It symbolizes how a loving God uses the all of our bumps and bruises, our flaws and mistakes and transforms all of it into what He intended from the beginning.

It’s a testimony, my testimony and each piece is a testimony of what He’s done in me.





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