Artist Statement:
I’m an abstract expressive artist working out of my home studio in Woodstock GA.
My process is spiritual, creating intuitively and prayerfully. That connection brings a sense of joy and hope that translates into my work. Using an expressive, intuitive approach by gestural mark making, abstracted shapes and color stories, allows an authentic expression of myself, my faith and my interpretation of life.
My work is an invitation to explore and imagine possibilities and ideas that give life.

Patty DelValle was born and raised in NY. While she studied for her fine arts degree at a local community college on Long Island, she is primarily self-taught. She and her husband relocated their family to Georgia in 2003. Passionate about invoking imagination and stirring creativity in others; she directed and taught studio art classes K-12 for the homeschooling community for over 5 years. While teaching, she developed her own Studio Art curriculum which she is currently working to publish. Patty enjoys her membership in various artists groups including Roswell Fine Art Alliance and Matt Tommey’s Created to Thrive Artists Mentoring Program. Currently, she is showing her work in exhibits and juried shows locally. She also serves on the board for the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance.

"My work is an authentic expression of myself & an invitation to explore and imagine possibilities and ideas that give life."
Patty D